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General Securities

It may surprise you to know Great Nation offers much more than church related investments. Our fully licensed securities agents are qualified to offer a broad range of investment vehicles in order to serve your investment needs and objectives.

Mutual Funds

Great Nation offers many of the best known mutual funds in America today. We will help you tailor an investment portfolio using mutual funds based upon your investment objectives, risk tolerance and financial position since mutual funds, as well as all investments, have risks. In addition, we will describe and explain the risks, costs and expenses associated with any particular mutual fund. Please obtain a prospectus and read it carefully before investing.

IRA's, SEP's and Tax Deferred Vehicles

When planning for retirement, educational savings or considering some other tax-advantaged or tax-deferred vehicle, your Great Nation agent will discuss and explain the possible tax benefits that may be applicable to you. Investors are strongly encouraged to check with their tax advisor prior to investing in any tax-deferred or tax-advantaged investment vehicle.